Protect Your Car

Insuring your vehicle is crucial to the enjoyment of the car, and we can help you with the processes involved in getting insurance. The importance of car insurance cannot be overemphasised. But it is not enough to just get insurance; you need to get the right insurance. Comprehensive insurance is necessary so that your car can have sufficient protection. If you are not familiar with insurance, this might prove challenging for you, but we are here to help you with the process and make it super easy.

As car brokers, Fall in Light Foundation can help you with the entire process involved when it comes to insurance.  As soon as you get your car, we are available to start processing insurance. We assist you in finding the right insurance company for you. We have an extensive network of insurance companies, and with our consultation with you, we can tell which insurance company is suitable for you.

Why You Need Insurance

You Need It to Get Car Finance

Many lenders will demand that you have insurance on the vehicle you are using the finance you get from them to buy. This ensures that they can recoup their losses if anything happens to the property before you finish repayments.

It is Compulsory Under the Law

The law makes it compulsory that you should have certain kinds of insurance, such as auto insurance for your vehicles and insurance for your employers. The essence of auto insurance is to protect other road users in case of accidents.

Mitigates Risks and Liabilities

Where your vehicle accidentally damages another person’s property or injures the person, the financial liability incurred here will include the cost of repairing the person’s property or paying hospital bills. It could even include the cost of litigation. Your insurance can cover all these costs.

There is also the risk of a loss or damage when you own a property. It could be malicious as in case of stealing or vandalism and could be accidental as in fire or road accidents. Whichever it is, insurance will cover the cost of repairs and, if it is a loss, the cost of replacement.

How We Can Help

Fall in Light Foundation assists you in getting a suitable policy and negotiating the most favourable premiums. We encourage client to get comprehensive insurance as it will offer maximum protection against all liabilities arising from your ownership and use of the car. We also assist you in filing insurance claims when it is necessary to do that, and if you are thinking of switching your insurance policy to a more comprehensive one, you can come to us. This can be when the existing insurance policy does not provide you with sufficient coverage. With us, you have adequate protection from your insurance policy.